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Read More without Refresh is a WordPress plugin that allows you include text which wont be visible to users, unless they press "Read More" button.
Its purpose is to boost your SEO and your visitors experience, by allowing you to include tons of data readable by search engines, without affecting your visitors in a negative way.

In case you are not aware of its usage, simply paste this shortcode within your posts/pages, and include hidden text between the closing:

[read more="Click here to Read More" less="Read Less"] My Hidden Paragraph Here [/read]

You can alter "Click here to Read More" and "Read Less" texts by editing /wp-content/plugins/read-more-without-refresh/index.php file.
You can alter colors by editing /wp-content/plugins/read-more-without-refresh/style.css file.

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George from 8web Advisory Board - The VETS Group
The VETS Group

Advisory Board

The VETS Group has organized a Coalition of Advisers made up of a diverse group of entrepreneurs, business consultants, organizational and agency representatives. The main function of the advisers is to keep abreast of current business trends, recommend improvements to the program, and identify or serve as mentors. More specifically, advisory board members participate in the following:

  • Strategic planning for program events
  • Publicizing and marketing the program
  • Recommending participants for the program
  • Acting as a resource for guest speakers
  • Identifying or serving as a mentor
  • Generating interest and community support

The use of advisers to identify or serve as mentors is an important part of the program. Mentoring creates supportive relationships and allow for the free sharing of knowledge and information. As the program progresses, a mentorship committee will be formed to better track and retain the use of mentors even after the veteran’s business is in place.